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Blue skies, turquoise-blue water with sun rays warming your skin…

I’ve long dreamed of savouring such scenery. I finally got the chance with @socialprefecttours
Zanzibar has been among my top travel destinations and it was fulfilling visiting.

Awesome Travel Buddies
Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous island of the United Republic of Tanzania. They have their own President, though they are still under the President of Tanzania. The language spoken is Swahili, though some locals speak English but not fluently. The currency is Tanzanian Shilling. Most of the locals are Muslims. There are just two churches in Zanzibar.
One of the two churches in Zanzibar
Our first stop was Stone Town. Here we got to see the House of wonder, it’s called so due to it being the first building in Zanzibar to have electricity, flowing water and elevator. The streets of Stone Town are very narrow with lots of winding lanes, carved doorways with almost all the houses having shops attached to them due to the historic trade center status of Stone Town. Driving here is right hand.
Stone Town
Sharwama Spot
Maru Maru Hotel
Taking in the Sunset
Dinner time

The second day we went for Safari Blue tour, where we went snorkeling. This is one activity I have long wanted to do. I got so hyped about this trip because of it and had to buy a go-pro camera to capture myself with the fishes. Totally worth it!

Prepping for snokerling
    I brought my own sand to the beach…
Third day was spent touring Prison Island and Spice farm. At Prison Island, we saw lots of tortoise ranging from very young to over a hundred and fifty years old. At the spice farm we saw various spice plants and shrubs and also the end products from them which were on sale. 

Prison Island

The Locals turned us to Wakanda Kings at the spice farm
We spent the fourth day at the Emerald Dream of Zanaibar resort. This was the perfect place to relax after all the touring the previous days. The scenery was top notch, the sumptuous buffet (I finally ate octopus) and beach side with its beautiful sandbar.
I walked into the ocean and was able to see the ocean floor clearly. I saw urchins (you don’t want to step on them) and I finally saw and held Star fishes. I also saw luminous fish. Exploring the sandbar/ocean was another highlight of the trip.
Hakuna Matata
Ocean floor
Sea Urchin

Oh did I forget to mention we had two night stopovers in Ethiopia? I never knew Ethiopia was a cold country. Like so damn cold, the hotels don’t even have Air conditioners installed. One weird thing though about Ethiopia is the old model of cars I saw being used (this one really surprised me and I can bet most millennia’s had not been born when those models were in vogue).
Old model car in the background


This trip was everything I hoped for and more…and I have to give full credit to the @socialprefecttours team for yet again, another wonderful travel experience.