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I was scheduled for a two weeks training starting first Monday of the month. I thought to myself, this was a chance to put to action the advice I read on a travel blog last year about how you can keep your 9 – 5 job and still travel the world. I agreed with the Travel & Protocol officer in the office to book my flight for Friday evening instead of Sunday as most persons did. The trick here was, I got my flight fare for the weekend getaway (to and fro) paid by the office 😀

That’s the beauty of planning tours around work trips. You don’t necessarily have to wait for your annual leave or a public holiday. There are so many ways to have a flexible travel plan and also keep that your 9-5 job.
At the habour before take-off 
I’ve always wanted to visit Inagbe Grand Resorts. I think mostly due to the floating restaurant which always look cool in pictures. I have seen a couple of pictures on Instagram. The pictures taken on the wooden pathway to the restaurant speaks to me every time, the serenity and calmness….

View on arrival
Fortunately for me, one of my favourite tour companies – Socialprefect tours had a planned trip to Inagbe Grand Resort that weekend. Once I got my travel ticket confirmed, I called to book my slot. I could have arranged it myself, yea, but mehn, logistics isn’t my favourite thing. I agree planning trips yourself is cheaper but then if you can afford it, nothing hurts paying a little extra cost to transfer the headache of planning to a reputable firm. And trust me, when it comes to Socialprefects, the value they provide during their trips is priceless.

We did a boat ride from the take-off point to the resort. The ride took about 20 minutes tops. At first I was seated inside the boat, but later I found my way outside to the front of the boat to enjoy the air. That ride was so needed by me. Watching the sea waves part as we rode through, seeing ships fade away as we went further…My mind probably voyaged several galaxy of dreams during the ride as I took it all in.  

On arrival, we disembarked from the boat, got welcomed at the reception by the staff of the resort where they gave us a rundown of the history of the resort and services they offer. We then moved to the floating restaurant which was our main base point. 

We had the traditional socialprefects introduction after which the games/activities started. There was the chair game, the balloon game after which we took a ride to the beach where we had horse riding, swimming, quad biking (finally off my bucket list!!), sack race, walks on the beach and oh, there was a marriage proposal! (not me tho)

Wakanda forever

After the activities on the beach we rode back to the floating restaurant. Some continued with the games, mostly a digital dance game and karaoke (what’s a Socialprefect tour without karaoke?), while the rest of us went for kayaking. I took the opportunity to catch the sunset and also try out some landscape photography.




I highly recommend the resort to anyone looking for a getaway from the city. Inagbe Grand Resort has rooms for stay over or you could make it a day visit as well. The boat ride to the place is something to look forward to.

This is a perfect escape spot from the noise and bustle of the city. Long walks on the beach, or just chilling in one of the chalets watching the sea or taking in the beauty of resort. You can catch the sunset or go kayaking in the cool evening breeze. Perfect place to clear your head and rejuvenate.

Going on this trip turned out to be one of the best decision I have made this year, because the next two weeks following was stress filled beyond words can describe…

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