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It was a dark starry night. The atmosphere cooled as the night breeze blew through the small town. A stranger could easily be spotted in a split second the minute he stepped into the town. It was like an extended family where no one’s business was a private matter. They cared and looked out for each other. Right there at the centre of the town at back of the mayor’s house was a troubled young woman.
She was kicked out of her home. Her friends were scared of her, her family was embarrassed by her, and society rejected her. She was just a little being, fragile and alone in this world.
They called her crazy, mad, insane. Others called her a witch. She was a taboo, a disease no one wanted to get infected with. She cried out each day, her screams carrying a message yearning for love and understanding but no heart understood.
She was to be exorcised that night but her mother’s frail heart could not take it. She stood there looking down at her beloved daughter. She was a shadow of her once beautiful self. Lost and trapped within her very self, completely shut from the world. Sorrow filled her eyes as she stared at her daughter wondering if she still recognised her.
Gradually the poor lad had slid into a dark abyss, her mind completely shielded by a grave emptiness that made her lose contact with reality. At first she laughed oddly for no reason and then she began to hallucinate, hearing strange voices and acting weird till she was finally consumed by the demons who sought her soul. Her bizarre behavior, disorganized thinking and speech, decreased emotional expressiveness, and social withdrawal made her an outcast.
She wasn’t going to let them harm her daughter. She cut her loose from the chains they used to bind her feeble legs and hands. Even her neck wasn’t spared the clutch of those rusty old chains.
Into the wild Bimbo fled. Blood streamed freely from the bruises that decorated her skin. Some she had inflicted on herself, others inflicted by the ignorant society who didn’t comprehend her demons.
She ran as fast as her scrawny legs could carry her. She fell. Her pale face half buried in the ground. Her dried tongue had a taste of the frigid soil. Sorrow filled eyes with dark circles around them looked up to the sky. Tears rolled down her cheeks as her demons took over.
She screamed.
She swirled on the naked soil.
She could hear the voices. They were coming close. She could feel their presence. Sometimes she saw their blurry faces as they faded into the thin air, but tonight she could barely see a thing through her blood shot eyes. They kept hunting her, pushing her mind off the edge. She shook her head violently. She needed to blurt them out of her head.
Her hands dug into the soil. Her filthy finger combed through her unkempt hair. Her nails trailed through the soil. Violent screams frightened the birds of the air. She cringed. There was no one to care for her, no one to love this unfortunate twenty year old.
She picked a stone and began to tear her parched skin into pieces in an attempt to release herself from the invincible chains that held her bound. Chains that held her down, that ruined her dreams of growing up, of falling in love, of suffering a broken heart that would have been made whole again by her prince charming,
Her star was stolen. Her light dimmed as the cold penetrated into her chest. Her heart froze. For once, she felt absolute peace. Her face became pale. A smile cut through her peeled lips as she faded into the peaceful embrace of death. The war was over.
No more could schizophrenia hunt her….

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  1. Hehe…bro mike, inspiration jst comes, actually got d idea for this one last year while listening T☺ gothic rock songs…btw so u read my stories?? Nợ̣̣̇̇̇w I am amazed

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