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The whole idea of relationship is for friendship, companionship, someone to hold on to when you are weak, having a shoulder to cry on. Seriously, the whole long distance ish kind of negates everything a relationship stands for. I really have to give it to those who are in long distance relationships and are making it work. If I love someone I would like to spend most of my time with that person. As they say, one man’s meat is another’s poison, but then no phone call, yahoo chat or 2go chat can replace physical contact. Watching her smile, seeing her eyes light up when I surprise her with a gift, seeing her lips part when she laughs are great moments I would not trade for anything. I’d rather hold on to the one I love than hug my pillow when the weather is cold.

Love grows best when people are always around themselves. They grow with each other every day and are part of each other’s life. Growing old together should bring two people closer and not make them strangers as they grow. I personally don’t like the whole long distance because it really is not easy. Children hardly get to know the parent that is often away. I’d love to see each of my kids take their first steps, be there to hear their first words, play with them like my dad used to play with me when I was little. How can great moments and memories be created if we are constantly apart? There’s nothing that can compare with physical contact. I’d love to hold the one my heart beats for and look into her eyes for hours, get lost in her gaze, stroke her hair back, sing aloud to the castero with her while driving.

The temptation of cheating on your partner is so high when you are in a long distance relationship because it’s very human to long for companionship. At times when we are going through a lot, we just need someone to talk to, someone who would listen and doesn’t necessarily have to say anything, we just need someone to hold us, to hug us and help us feel safe.  All these are hardly possible with long distance and most times people end up in the arms of another when they are so lonely and their better halves’ are far away. Why go into something you know would not give you full satisfaction? Seeing each other once a month really does not help for a healthy relationship.

The mental stress alone is enough to drive one crazy thinking of her welfare and hoping she is safe. What if she is in a place like Jos which is filled with ethnic clashes? Can one live his life worrying all the time? Why go into such stress just because you fell so hard for someone?

At times love really is not enough. When going into a relationship you have to think and apply wisdom. Make sure it’s what you want and what you can handle and live peacefully with. Never settle in love. Suffer the pain of heartbreak for a while rather than go through a life of loneliness, worrying and suspicion. God help you if you are the jealous lover kind of person and you are in a long distance relationship. You’ll just end up crazy. Long distance relationships take a lot of love, trust, understanding, commitment and patience. Someone lacking these characteristics isn’t advised to go into a long distance relationship. Also people who tend to be clinging and love companionship a lot and really don’t like being alone should flee any form of long distance relationship.

Well, what do I know? I am but just a kid…..

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