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That one person you keep running into at work. They always call out your name softly, you wave back with a weak smile. Most times, they walk up to you, taking your hand in a handshake and hardly ever let go.

You can see the burning flames in their eyes. Their eyes says it all. They want you. You can trace the gaze of their eyes to your lips. Most times, that’s where their eyes are fixated.

The desire is so loudly spoken in the silence between moments that lingers.

They try to make small talk always. Even when the conversation is over, they try to keep it going, not wanting you to leave. You can almost feel the pain in their chest when you depart.

You know they want you, you know they crave to place those lips of theirs on yours. To know what you taste like. Feel the softness and tenderness of your lips.

A light touch of lip on lip, desire bursting in firestorms as the blood rushes through raving veins.
Lips part, the kiss goes deeper and tongues begin to explore.
They long for you…

But you don’t want them. You won’t lead them on. So you don’t play along or make allusive moves that’ll give them green light. You keep acting naïve and oblivious to their longing.

Sometimes when you feel alone and vulnerable, you see them walk by. Your mind wanders, what if you indulged. Just once. 

It wouldn’t hurt, shouldn’t hurt. Office romance? The scandals that could follow.

Be spontaneous and do something crazy. Set your boring life on fire. They brought the gasoline, now you light the match.

But then their finger plays with yours, you feel the metal rub against your fingers.

Your eyes travels down to their finger…in that moment, the gold band reminds you once again.

This one is definitely off limits.

But it sure feels good to be wanted….

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