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I have come to the sad realization that most people really don’t want a decent guy/girl. Mostly, people just want someone they can secretly do those things they denounce openly and act like they are really decent peeps with high moral standing. I’m not saying I’m perfect or shii but common, the crap out there these days is just a mess!
Majority out there seem screwed up and are all after sex which is now all so easy to come by these days and it seems the conservative ones keep losing out and are alone ‘cus they have chosen not to compromise.
My word to those few is don’t give in, don’t lower your standard just cause you want then to stick with you! Heck be that guy or girl no one can point to and say they have fooled around with!

It may be lonely but don’t lower your standard just to feel wanted. Someday fate would lead you to the right one who would respect your body and love you for you and not just some temporary lustful desire.
It’s really sad this is what we have become. A generation where it’s all about sex. The shocking part is, even girls who ought to be the conservative ones are now Champs at pushing for it. Seriously where did y’all lose it? I started noticing this trend during my NYSC days and thought it was just a few bad apples but now, it’s apparently the new culture.
I get that with civilization females get to be more out spoken and all, which I agree is a good thing but please don’t throw all your values and pride along with ancient doctrine into the trash just ‘cus you want to move with trend!

On social media (especially twitter) I see ladies (even teenagers who ought to have no business with such) saying all sorts and even proudly saying they did it just last night and some other explicit stuff. At a point I thought it was because it was social media where it’s easy to post stuff since you are hiding behind a phone but now it’s actually happening on ground, real time. 

Same girls that’ll say they want a God fearing man and one who would respect them, a good guy trying to know you first and turns down your sexual advances automatically has a problem or is weak or the new fad – you start speculating his sexuality. 
Biko, who says every guy must be into you and why do you think it’s all guys that don’t have self control? Y’all should be ashamed of your selves for being so easy.

I have encountered enough and I’m really put off. Truly beauty is a curse!

Maybe i’m a traditionalist but let’s call a spade a spade, whoring around or being easy ain’t no way to keep a man or be a fun person to hang out with. I believe there’s so much to each individual and good company isn’t about sex. Do a lil evaluation, if you take away the sex would you guys still have something real? Can you keep a conversation, I mean serious real talk? If no, then sorry you’re just a tool especially if every time you people meet there must be taking off of clothes. 

These days, people invest their time  in shallow things and not actually focusing on true companionship, deep and meaningful conversations that can stand the test of time. There’s more to a human than just their beauty or whatever. It’s really pathetic and sad and very disappointing especially when it comes from people you hold in high esteem (well from a distance).
We have really perfected the act of pretending and hypocrisy while using religion to cement it. Those people that look really cool and principled from afar, you long to meet them holding them in high esteem but when you get close you, the person is totally something else. Quite sad and disappointing really.
I’d end with it’s not too late to change and but for those who have decided to live and solely abide by the ‘ho religion’, I respect that it’s a choice but for how long? There’s so much more to life than sex, you won’t die if you decide to apply caution and self denial sometimes biko.

P/s: if you feel this rant is directed at you, well you know what they say – if the shoe fits…

Well, what do I know? …I am but just a kid

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