MAY DAY! MAYDAY! (All about last weekend)

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Weekend came early last week. May 1st (worker’s day) was on Friday. It was a public holiday but of course, I had some left over work I needed to clear up at the office. I got done with work by 3pm then headed to my colleagues’ place. I wasn’t going to risk spending the weekend/public holiday alone and allow those lonely nights kill me.
My two male colleagues, a babe who came to see one of them and myself were all up for the weekend. First stop, we went to eat sharwarma from where we went fuel hunting. It was quite eventful though annoying but at the end it was far better than being home alone listening to sad songs.
Every single filling station we passed was dry as a desert. I kept encouraging the guy whose care we drove in to keep going down Sapele road as most times those filling stations do have when there is scarcity in town. That’s how we took the risk driving on just one bar of fuel left. We got to one filling station on the outskirts of town, I noticed they had fuel but were selling on code to few people. We parked and one of the guys hopped down to hustle fuel. We got there while the day was still bright but left there in the dark without fuel!
Guys and their pride when a girl is around! *sigh My guy couldn’t hustle fuel, but he still refused to come out of the dark filling station. The very same filling station people were coming out of with filled jerry cans. I had to send him an sms which read, “Please come lets go. We all love you and won’t feel let down that you couldn’t get fuel. Your pride is safe. Please come let’s go.”
Bros still refused to come out o…we kept calling and he’d say it is almost his turn. That’s how we waited and I had to send him another one which read “You can just come out and tell us they took their light hence they couldn’t pump fuel”. The other guy waiting for him with me had to go call him from the filling station gate.”
He later finally came out with an empty jerry can. We had agreed not to laughs at him or confront him for staying so long and still come back without fuel but when he started talking too much and giving the lame excuse that it was when it was his turn to get served we called. He had to leave the queue to pick the call and by the time he came back they had chanced him. Ugh!
Even the chick with us lost it and started attacking his tales. Who will pick a call after waiting so long to get fuel when it finally gets to your turn and then you walk off? Na so, story for the gods. Even the guy we met at the gate who told us that they were selling fuel was there and did he mean to tell us that the guy really allowed them chance him?
Oh wait, I had to ask how it was possible that the same guy he met, the person who gave him the heads up that they had fuel allowed them to sell fuel to him first…fake gist.
So we drove back to the house without fuel and that meant a dead evening. That wasn’t going to happened. I told the guy who delayed us that we should take a bus with jerry cans to go hustle fuel. I have never done such in my life, but I just felt the night was already eventful what’s the harm adding more adventure? It was well past 10pm by this time.
So we hopped on a bus in search of fuel and finally found a station selling fuel. We set our cans on the queue and patiently waited. My fast guy friend wanted to be smart again. He saw a man in a truck at the front of the line. Guys were filing his back truck with cans so when it’s the man’s turn he’d buy into their cans too. I watched the man’s body language and warned my friend that the man was going to deny them when it his turn. Thankfully he listened to me and returned the can and that’s how the man truly denied them!
Anyway we got bought the fuel at N120/litre. On top the extortion, the fuel attendant still took our change saying we have to settle him. Same Nigerian that would complain our leaders are corrupt.
We called the guy with the car and he came to pick us up. We all went to the house got dressed and headed off to a bar. The night just begun and I was ready to kill it. Ok, before y’all start throwing stones at me (like Opeyemi did before my gist even got half way), I know I last said I wouldn’t be hanging out again in bars but this was different. Not the plenty pool of guys around a table talking nonsense, this was just a small gathering of me and my two guys and a chick. They did the drinking and I just watched those smoking and drinking, just observing.
Form the bar we went to the first night club. All three pals went in freely but I got stopped by the bouncer. He just stayed staring at me. Oh boy! The height difference was quite intimidating. The previous night I watched the movie – Two Night Stands and the girl in the movie wasn’t allowed in because the bouncer thought she looked like a minor. I thought this was it, same embarrassment was going to befall me but nah… the bouncer let me in after I asked him if there was a problem.
That was my first time inside a night club. I have always wanted to go clubbing before, just know the feeling and see what it’s about. The club was filled with different persons, those smoking, drinking and dancing and those doing all sorts. The place was damn too crowded so we left for a second club. The second one had people being held outside on a queue but one of my guys knew the manager. Just as I have always seen in movies where there is a long line of party goers waiting to enter the club, a set of ‘celebs’ come and are allowed in straight off. Well that’s what happened. I felt so hot and on top of the world walking into the club with all those people on the queue looking at us. Hehehehehe *winks
Anyway that’s how drama started over the chick between the two guys o. The one I was with (the fast guy who wasted our time at the station) got pissed immediately we got in saying the chick with us didn’t pay him attention when he was talking to her. See me see whalaha o! Na you invite the babe come? Na your car she enter? That’s how dude said he was leaving. I too had to leave because I was spending the night in his house.
My other friend and the chick didn’t get what was happening and they too left. Only for this my fast guy friend to call the other guy and started lamenting to the one with the chick about the girl’s attitude, meanwhile his phone was on speaker and the girl heard it all. *sigh!
Anyway they went back to the previous club while I and this fast guy sat at the table. He said he needed a drink to cool off. We sat for like fifteen minutes and I just didn’t get it. I had to tell him he should take me home ‘cus I was the one being punished for no reason. We went home and slept.
Next morning fast guy said he doesn’t know how he would face the other guy that he sent him some harsh sms the previous night, of course he blamed it on the alcohol. How convenient!
 I called the other guy with the chick and told him not to be angry. Anyway we all met up at another spot for lunch with the girl again. That’s how my guys started displaying and of course by now the chick was already feeling important. Fast guy said the other guy isn’t serious with the girl and that he is in love with the girl. hian! I was shocked,  wondering if this guy knew he was breaking a million bro codes…
Anyway I told the other guy to follow me to the atm so we could leave the fast guy and the chick to talk. Well, in my presence I had earlier seen the girl put her in the fast guy’s phone. The babe self nor even good. On our walk to the atm I pleaded with him not to get angry even though the fast guy was really messing up. Truth is we guys are colleagues and the babe would go one day but we’d all still be colleagues working in same office. There was no use fighting a war over her. As they say, bros over…..
So my bucket list has two things struck off. I finally went to a club, not just one, but I actually went to two clubs in one night! Then I had that super experience of walking right past the queue into the club like a celeb. Super cool.
Though I didn’t get to really dance as I wanted to, that’s still on my bucket list to dance so crazy, climb a table, take off my shirt, roll it in the air and scream on top of my voice/ like, totally lose control and go really gaga…someday sha.
Maybe getting high on weed is still on the bucket list, not so sure anymore. I was quite tempted when I saw people smoking that stuff where you put a pipe in your mouth and puff. But the unsanitary look of so many mouths on the pipe…eww! that was enough to kill the temptation.
I got home Saturday evening after a very cool weekend with friends. After my bath, I looked at my bed and realized I actually missed sleeping on my bed. I took off my clothes and fell into the warmth of my bed. What’s that they say? No place like home, init?
Well, what do I know? …I am but just a kid

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