December 14, Happy birthday to me

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First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

Ok. I don’t really like birthdays that much. For one, the attention on you that day can be so overwhelming. I am very shy and I naturally hate phone calls. You should see me get so shy over the phone, I’d just be mumbling words like a teenager talking to le crush. That’s why I hide my d.o.b on Facebook plus I really don’t like my wall being defaced. But each year, no matter how I try to hide my birthday I always have good friends who call me out and post messages on my wall and on bbm too and it gets to me and warms me up and it’s really nice having people, friends, wish you a happy birthday. Makes you feel loved and special and then those friends who call out of the blue and you are surprised they remembered your birthday, totally nice…don’t mind my mushy ish, am a sucker for emotional stuff.

Then of course, there’s the obvious fact that I am actually growing old and currently the big three zero is staring at me and it’s some what freaky when I realize in a few years time I would actually be thirty years! I mean me? Ha!!

I remember those days when I was much younger, I used to see those people in their early twenties as really big uncles and aunties, talkless of those in their late twenties. Now I look at myself in the mirror and I am like, huh? Is this how those big uncles looked then or am I missing something? Funny, i guess kids now would be looking at me in that same eye and be like big uncle ish.

Anyway, currently playing Taylor Swift’s 22…giving myself hope with the lyrics “I don’t know about you…but I am feeling twenty two..” But honestly tho, I actually feel twenty two, actually I feel twenty. I feel young inwards and I dunno, just feeling really happy today and it’s a good thing I guess, even though my car wanted to deal with me today. If not that I am so tired from battling with my tyre that got slashed I woulda been dancing carefreely to this 22 song.

Today was harvest thanksgiving in church. I sat and reflected on the past year to where I am now. I feel blessed and accomplished. I am really grateful to God Almighty for a wonderful and beautiful year. It’s been God all the way. Even though I went through some difficult things this past year but right now, where I am today every issue has been resolved and I feel so light and for that I have every reason to be thankful. So I say thank you Lord for a beautiful year and I trust that He’ll grant me an even much more beautiful new year and take me to the next phase of my life.

People wonder why I have the number ’14’ attached to the name of this blog, well this is the secret. 14 is my lucky number sort of. December 14 is my birthday. In the university my matriculation number was Agr0500014, then there are some other cool stuff that happened to me related to the number 14. So number 14 is pretty special to me, but mostly because it my birth date. That’s why it’s Iyosayi14.

When I was younger I had the feeling that it’s a sin sort of to leave church service before closing plus those scary preaching I heard about people missing the angels who brought their blessing because they didn’t stay till close of service. That’s how I grew up with that belief and it sorta developed into this OCD if I should put it that way, that if I leave service before closing something bad will happen on the way. That’s how my fear caught up with me today. As I earlier wrote, today was our church harvest thanksgiving and it’s normal for service to close really late on thanksgiving day. 2pm and they hadn’t even gone half way into the service…. jor o. I had stuff to do plus someone was offering to take me out for my birthday and then I had to meet up with a friend to discuss business too and I had to clean the car and press my clothes in preparation for monday. That’s how I carried myself and left church and guess what? My tire was flat!

I tried to change it myself but the bolts were too tight. To cut the long story short I had to manage it, drove with my hazard lights on and very slowly to a vulcanizer’s shop. At the end he had to cut one one of the tyre nuts before he could release the tyre. I was already feeling bad my tyre was damaged beyond fixing but I don’t know how the dude did it, my tyre came back to life after say four hours. The shameful part? As they were still fixing my tyre, church closed and I could see my church members going home.

Anyway over the years I have learnt to take things in good faith and know that all things happen for a reason and everything that happens to me is because God permitted it to happen. Who knows if I had waited till closing that’s when I would have had to fix the tyre, meaning i’d get home by 9pm that’s if the vulcanizer hadn’t closed by then or shii. Then again I took it as all part of growing up, I mean this is me dealing with stuff now. This dude is officially now closer to thirty than twenty..hehehe

Growing up and responsibilities tho…the shii we never thought would come with growing up, all we knew when we were kids was I wanna grow up and be independent of my parents authority…bla bla bla, if only we knew better.

But in all, it was a good day. I over fed, ate a full plate of fried rice and jollof rice, drank too (I am not an alcoholic) and I lost count of the pieces of chicken i got to eat today. Also had time to catch up with old pals and also felt so much love from my bbm pals and those who called, sent SMS and wrote on my Facebook wall. I hear I’d be getting a cake tomorrow at work and there would be a lil something something too…I hope it all goes well and I get to snap cute pics too. Yup, I am a picture junkie…

So this is me saying special thanks to everyone who made my day memorable, with love…Iyosayi14

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