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Some months ago, Einstein and I were having a conversation about how if it were possible, we won’t work. The idea around the conversation was to live a quiet life and be at peace.

Then I said let the word even come to an end quickly so someone can rest from the crazy hustling of life. Einstein responded, saying ‘for that one, na only you waka come’

*sigh…after seeing someone who shared same sentiments with me I was so happy, only for him to play me like that and leave me hanging. Guess I pushed my luck too far eh? Lol
Anyway, how do I feel/see life? I believe the original plan God had for us was to be born and enjoy the peace and beautiful things life has to offer. The ideal life condition was the kind of life Adam and Eve had in the garden of Eden before they fell.
I was chatting with my colleague Bright, he said he was tired of the hustle and stress that comes with the job. If only he had the courage to resign and live peacefully, even if it’s teaching he’ll be doing happily and fulfilled.
The word ‘courage’ struck me. That’s exactly what most of us lack and the fear of the unknown too. We are living a life we are not exactly happy with. We have an idea of what we want for ourselves, but the lack of courage to launch out and truly be happy, living as we so desire isn’t there. Where we are now may not be rosy, but we say atleast I have food, the blood sucking job can pay the bills, let me just suck it up and be contended.
Let me at this junction make it known that I don’t have it all figured out nor do I have the courage to start living the life I desire. Or maybe I do, or maybe I am not yet equipped with the resources I need. Anyway, truly life is short. We are supposed to be at peace, appreciating the simple things of life but no, we all have eyes wey dey shook.
Even when we have a billion dollars, we would still long for more money. Instead of us to enjoy life after reaching a milestone, we continue hustling for more, never really enjoying the moment.
That false sense of needing so much money to have security. You keep working your butt off, even sacrificing your health and happiness trying to feel safe and made. But deep down all you feel is misery filled with dead dreams and emptiness. Money is good, but it isn’t everything.
After suffering and working their asses off for years, people luckily get to retire, but then it amazes me how they don’t rest. They keep hustling after retirement, still looking for more money. Maybe they didn’t save/invest while working or maybe I really wouldn’t know why till I get to that stage of life myself.

I just want to earn up to a certain amount, invest in bonds or treasury bills and keep rolling over while using the interest to maintain myself and family. No working and hustling that I’d miss out on life or sacrifice my peace of mind and sleep. A boy can dream right?

To avoid being idle maybe I’d start up a small farm or business, not necessarily to make all the money in the world but to keep me from being idle because we all know an idle hand must always be given work to do by the devil.

Or maybe be a hippie, travel the world in groupies and live life…hahaha…I think I’d go with the more realistic plan.
But seriously, when do we really live? ‘Cus life’s cycle is fast turning into be born, go to school, graduate, get a job, marry and give birth to kids…work even more and then die.
Someone once tweeted this – “Blessed is he who is unambitious. He shall have joy like a flowing river. If you really want to be happy in this life, kill ambition…it’s the only way.” In a twisted way, there’s actually lot of sense in it.
But I love to say blessed are those who live their dreams, and those whose talents are the source of their livelihood. I mean they are having fun making money. Think about that! They are really blessed!.
I want a simple happy life…void of hustling and shii…to be at peace and avoid greed or the want to have all the millions in world and even after having it I won’t have the sense to chill and enjoy life peacefully, but still, I’d keep working and hustling to make more millions. Then drop dead one day and sadly that’s when I’d realize life has passed me by.
Feels like I should take 6 months or 1 year off, and do all the things I have always wanted to do…maybe finally complete the four novels I have abandoned, see places I have interest in, read books I have piled up. Live and experience life… Just one year for me, on my terms but that lingering fear of the unknown…*sigh.
Life shouldn’t be this difficult. I need clarity, I need fulfillment. I need to stop trying to figure my life out but get courage and a lil faith and go with it. Live and be happy.
That moment of truth you realize this is not the life you envisaged for yourself. That you have been blinded by the ideas society expects from you. Deep down you know you are on the wrong track and you realize that this is your life and you may have been pleasing society but truth is, all this while you have been sad and miserable…
The courage to follow our hearts and be happy because in truth, this life is short and we get to live it once. So I ask, are you happy with yourself?
Death is just a breath away…breathe carefully

Well, what do I know? …I am but just a kid

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