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They say everything starts in a day….

Sometimes change seems good and easy to adapt to. Other times it’s just too hard a reality to accept. Say especially when things that never used to happen to you start becoming your lot. Things you hear other people say they experience and you just say ‘e ya’ when they narrate their not so pleasant experience to you.

But now as you grow older, it seems things are beginning to change and maybe somewhere along the line you have fallen down to earth and that magic that sort of used to work things out for you before seems to have lost it’s touch.

Kinda really painful when it feels like it’s this phase of your life you even need that magic to work for you more. Or maybe it’s time you grew up and faced reality? Don’t even want to go into the whole growing up ish. Honestly growing up sucks.

Ok, let me stop there, this isn’t supposed to be a very serious note. Infact if you knew what exactly I am writing about and all the magic lost ish, you’d probably punch me in the face right now, hiss and walk off.

New city, new environment, no old friends and the lucky charm that endears you to people. Especially that magic that makes people like you so easily and you sort of get a way with a lot of things is all gone. And the pathetic part? You start getting zoned.*coughs and sheds a few tears.

I mean, you the master zoner, the one who people normally cry over and try to get close to, now it feels everything has changed. You just got zoned and you are beginning to wonder have I lost it? *laughs this note is just useless I swear!!

Anyway guess nothing lasts for ever, things always change. What matters is how we handle the change and adapt and flow. It’s all about surviving and not holding on to the past.

We grow older, beauty fades, new kids come on the block and become stars. We can’t compete anymore. We just have to bow out when the ovation is still loudest and know that, yes, we rocked while we were younger. Our legacy has been set (even if it’s only in our heads and it’s just us that remembers it all). We have lived life,(have I?) *shrugs. We have grown up, we have to leave these vain things for the younger ones.

This is the future. 30yrs stares us in the face, time to be the adult we have been wanting to be all through our teenage years. Only, we realize it’s not all so cool as we thought it would be. So much responsibility and little room for mistakes or failure. Marriage, kids, family. *sigh. Some scary shit I tell you.

As you notice, this note is untitled because I actually just picked up my laptop and started typing without having any particular theme in mind. Just wanted to let out some thoughts. But one advice I have to my readers out there, like I tell my friends who complain about being zoned – it’s a choice to remain in the friend zone.

Someone once tweeted, ‘S/O to those guys who get turned down and still remain friends.’ Like koko boy used to say – ‘if you cant be mine, I don’t want to be just friends.’

Today is your liberation day. You can set yourself free from that zone! Set your self and your heart free. For indeed, out of sight is out of mind! It may be hard in the beginning but with time, without you even noticing, you’d forget the person and actually move on. You can still be free bro. Moving on is a choice just as staying zoned is.

Well, what do I know?….i am but just a kid

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