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In life, there are joys, there are pains

And everything in-between

There are times when everything seems to fall in place

And times when nothing adds up

Confused, miserable, down and torn

I gaze into the haze

My heart wrings

No one knows unerringly just how I feel

Alone in this world

Forced to endure it all

I try to stand, to be tough

A crushing sadness

I reminiscence, pondering-

‘Where did I err?’

‘What road led me here?’

I used to have it all figured out

But now I can barely recognise my life

I question my proficiencies

Am I still who I once was?

Can I ever get back to me?

Those times when everything seemed to be spot-on

This thing called reality

Life has given it a new meaning –

”A place where those who work hard aren’t necessarily the ones who get the best of things”

Oh! How I have hurt

How I have been bruised

How I have been hit, fallen and smashed

Crushed, broken and bruised

Several times I try to get back up

Hardly on my feet

Yet a storm blows me down again

For how long will this linger?

These icy, solitary days

Music has become my only true companion

Let me bleed

Let the tears stream

Let the pain wash over me

Someday I’ll smile again

Not a smile I’ll have to fake

For now I’ll take my hits

I’ll fall to rise tougher

This is me finding my way through life

Serenity, tranquillity, time, patience

All I need

Someday, I’ll smile…peace in my storm

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