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It’s with shame and regre I write this story. I got exactly what I deserved. I played with fire and I got burnt. Luckily for me, I would be discharged from the hospital by the weekend. The injuries I sustained were not quite serious, just a broken arm and leg with a few bruises but believe me when I say I have learnt my lesson.
My trip down the valley of iniquity all began the week I resumed work at my place of primary assignment for the NYSC scheme. I was posted to a private publishing firm. My assigned duty was that of the personal assistant to the editor-in-chief. I was to share a fairly large office with the secretary, who I was yet to meet as she was said to be on leave but would resume the day I too would resume work after being accepted by the firm.
I walked briskly into the office that fateful Monday morning looking smart in my light blue long-sleeved shirt neatly tucked into a black vickers trouser with a dark blue tie to match. I was ready for work. Having a relationship was the last thing on my mind as I had decided to focus on building myself and developing my career. All this plans were totally forgotten the minute I stepped into the office.
There she sat, an angel in human form. She smiled at me from across the desk, and said hello. Boy! I was smitten by her impeccable looks. Her smile could light up the entire universe. She belonged up there in the skies. Her voice soft as summer rain. Her eyes were calling me to her. I responded with a nod and said good morning. We introduced our selves. 
Her name was Vera.
I was sure about one thing; I was going to sweat each blessed day because my desk was exactly opposite hers. Mine by the door way and hers was at the front of the window. Our office was on the second floor of a twelve storey building. Though on the second floor, we could still enjoy the view out the window. Trees were planted at the back of the office with well trimmed grasses planted on the expansive field.
Normally, I am not the kind of guy to stare but I couldn’t get my eyes off of her. She was an epitome of beauty. When she talked, her lips moved seductively, inviting me to brush mine against hers. I watched her closely, and then I noticed a ring on her fourth left finger. I asked her if she was married. Her answer threw me off balance. Not only was she married, she was the wife of my boss!
The first week was hard. I couldn’t concentrate on my work. She had totally taken over my thoughts. I was deep in lust. She was young and barely twenty six. Why on earth did she marry an old man? My boss would be fifty three the following month. She caught me staring at her several times; each time she smiled back at me shyly. We fast became friends and usually had lunch together. We talked about everything, laughed and giggled like best friends, though trying to remain discrete to prevent co-workers from thinking any unholy relationship was on between us, though once in a while we flirted.
I was gradually falling for her but I knew I couldn’t act on my feelings; she was the boss’ wife! I resolved to die in silence. Two months had already passed, remaining nine more months to work in the office. I could do it.
Then came the dark Tuesday. My boss had to close early because he was meeting a friend who just flew into town, so he left the office in our care. Thirty minutes after he left, she looked up at me. The top button of her blouse was open, revealing her luscious cleavage. Suddenly, the air became tense. She looked hot, even hotter and sexier than I had ever noticed. My temperature increased. Not even the blasting air condition could prevent sweat form streaking down my face.
I felt a bulge rising beneath my belt but I decided to ignore it. She got up from her chair, walked over to the front of her desk and sat on it facing me. She wore a short skirt which exposed her long slender legs, so smooth and clean shaved. The heat was on. Sex was in the air. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted her. I needed to taste her and ravish her that minute.
She looked straight at me, maintaining eye contact. I could tell she wanted me. I walked towards her and she let out a sigh immediately she saw the physical evidence that I longed for her pushing hard against my trouser zip. I held her waist, parting her legs with my right foot. 
She scented good, her lips so tender and succulent. She placed a gentle kiss on my lips. Our eyes closed as we journeyed into another realm. I took her lips in, kissing her hard and deep. Fire ignited through me as my tongue touched hers.
I worked my hand into her blouse, releasing the hook of her bra at her back. I cupped her breasts with my hands, filling her up. She drove her hands gently down my trouser zip, teasing me. Then she grabbed my butt, pulling me closer to her. I was ready to explode. I covered her neck with kisses; she released soft moans igniting the fire that burned between us the more. In a few seconds we were both naked. Hearts racing, desire burning and hormones running wild.
She grabbed the back of my neck, pulled my head against her neck whispering into my ears… “Love me, make love to me”
Who was I to refuse?
Her hands began working their way down my stomach, caressing my skin. Quickly, I lay her down on her desk, moving slowly with the precision of a stalking predator. I kissed her on her eye lids, pecking her lips. Her long neck got a nice working of my hot tongue. It sent shivers all around her body. Slowly my lips worked down to her breasts, sucking at the darkened and already erect nipples. She went wild from the crazy sensations. Grabbing my hand, she thrust it at her mound of dark and glistening curly hairs… “Work me baby” she moaned. I obliged, slipping a finger deep into her already wet body. She screamed and jerked. She swirled, and turned, swirling gently as my finger moved in and out of her.
By the time I entered her, thrusting my full rod of masculine ego into her, she was already over the mountains of pleasure. I moved slowly at first, gradually increasing my pace. She screamed “faster!” Moaning and holding her desk firmly. This was pleasure at its peak. I was in cloud nine and about to climax.
Then, the office door swung open and there stood my boss, standing stone dead in shock. 
His eye balls bulging in horror as if they were about to pop out of their sockets. We all looked at each other in grave silence. He walked out banging the door loudly behind him.
I was about running off to get my clothes when she grabbed my hand and said, “We’ve already been caught, we might as well enjoy it to the fullest”.
My body charged again, this time I took her in and ravaged her ruthlessly, sending her to heaven and hell, back and forth over and over with each movement of my waist, pleasure exploding all over us.
After several minutes of waiting outside the office for us to get dressed and come out in shame, I guess my boss began to lose patience when we still didn’t come out. He busted into the office only to find us once again in the act. 
He was mad, he had totally lost it. He charged towards me in rage, pushing me out the window. My body shattered the glass and I was sent falling to the ground. Luckily for me, I landed on top of a tree shrub, naked and unconscious.

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  1. how can nobody comment on This. I don't care if u dubbed it or you wrote it. dis piece craxy. dude when u r ready to follow ur true passion. holla @ me. 7b90ecaa

  2. Oga Santos…lol, I nor dub am o. Actually wrote it during nysc period and posted it then on fcbk, got a lot of comments. Thanks for believing in my talent 😀

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