You used to love me

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You used to love me

You used to want me
So much I did mean to you
But now…
I can’t tell what I mean to you
I remember when you said I still mean a lot to u
I try hard to hold on to that
But I fear it ain’t so anymore
I feel like screaming: ‘Don’t walk away from me’
But lo, the words won’t come out
All I can do is watch you leave without a word
My heart shatters each time I realise you are slipping away
Moving farther away from my reach
How did we get here?
Did I do this?
Did I seem to make you think I have moved on?
Did I do this to us?
Look what my pride has caused
You never hid it that you loved me
But I just couldn’t let you know I loved you a little more
I just had to be in charge
Couldn’t let you know you had such power over me
I held on too much to my pride
All I’ve got now is just me, my pride and all the memories I have of u
But the most important of all I have lost: you
I long for your attention once more
You look my way but you don’t see me
I have become invincible 
Once upon a time I was showered by grace
Feeling blessed to have you in my life
You used to love me
But that was then and this is Nơw…

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