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I wish long distance was a guy or lady, someone I could get a hold of and beat the crap out of. Seriously! It’s that bad…

I have met some really cool peeps this past year and long distance has always had a way of ruining it all for me. Forget love or relationship, these are people I would love to be really great friends with. People I get and they also get me. I feel like strangling ‘long distance’.

Certain times the only way to get through this thing called life is having the right people around you. Persons that’ll build you, bring you endless smiles and laughter, people you feel at home with. Just being around them lifts your spirit far above any cloud of darkness that seems to loom around especially when you are alone.

I loathe long distance with a passion. Yea, it’s good to be strong and independent but at times, it’s okay to lean on someone. Even though this is now sort of a cliché, the fact is no one is an island. This phase of my life I really want to be around people that bring light into my seemingly dark days.

I smile a lot and it comes naturally but seriously, I need people that would make me smile from the deepest part of my heart. Those who know me well would recognize that infectious smile – when I look all childish and my eyes light up, with a very big grin across my lips showing all the gaps between my teeth, lol…I’m already feeling dreaming remembering those times great friends made me smile that way.

I need to live, to surround myself with true friends and awesome people. I don’t want to continue this way or miss out on beautiful moments. Long distance seems to be my lot now, like I have been jinxed. What I wouldn’t give to get out of this blip! I know people would say if the bond is real, distance shouldn’t mean a thing.

Let’s get real for a moment here, long distance hurts, especially when you are the kind of somewhat clingy person. At times, being apart helps (no one loves to be suffocated), but certain times, being together physically is just the ultimate. Being able to experience great moments, breathe in each other’s joys and help support each other through disappointments and hard times… that’s what any form of relationship should be about.

When it comes to long distance I admit I am not strong to brave it. I just can’t go all the way. Tried it several times before and each time I got burnt, so now I just run, run, run, run…The torture, mental stress and all that it entails. I love my sanity and to be honest my poor heart has had enough failed awe-inspiring friendships be it my doing or the other’s or mostly the doing of long distance.

The thing with long distance is truly out of sight is out of mind, at first it’s always intense and the communication through whatever means is always regular. But with time, its slows down and you get so used to each other you don’t even notice that something is going wrong and then it hits you guys. Bit by bit you have drifted apart without even noticing…

In case you are wondering why this post is tilted long distance 2, I once wrote a note on long distance (you can go to January and search for it). Then I just put down my idea but now I am living it. You may call this frustration post; you are not far from the truth because I am tired.

Why can’t the people who are close by be the ones who have same likes with me? Like my kind of songs? Get me the way I get those far away or just be the ones I can have decent conversation with and have really remarkable mindset entirely different from that of typical Nigerians? Why must all the ‘cool peeps’ be far from me?

For now my case may seem hopeless but I do know I am a survivor and this would pass. Someday I would finally stick my tongue right in the face of long distance. I will surely survive this and no more would I run away from people because I don’t want to go through the strain of long distance.

Well, what do I know? I am but just a kid…..

Ps: I am really sorry for the hurt or pain I have caused because I was not brave enough to go the distance… (I hope they get to read this).

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