Clearing out the clutter

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My garage serves as “storage” for things that don’t have a place in our home, and, frankly, there are times when I am astonished to open the door. I don’t want anyone to see the clutter. So, periodically, I set aside a workday to clean it up. Our hearts and minds are a lot like that- they accumulate lots of clutter. As we rub shoulders with the world, inevitably, perhaps unknowingly, we pick up ungodly thoughts and attitudes. Thinking that life is all about “me”. Demanding our rights. Reacting bitterly towards those who have hurt us. Before long, our hearts and minds are no longer clean and orderly. And while we think we can hide the mess, eventually it will show. Paul pointedly asked, “Do you not know that your body us the temple of the Holy Spirit?” (1st Corinthians 6:19) – which makes me wonder if God often feels like He is living in our messy garage. Perhaps it’s time to set aside a spiritual work day and, with His help, get to work cleaning out the clutter. Discard those thoughts of bitterness. Bag up and throw out the old patterns of sensual thoughts. Organise your attitudes. Fill your heart with the beauty of God’s word. Make it clean to the core, and then leave the door open for all to see! – Joe Stowell (culled from Our Daily Bread devotion manual. March 14, 2011)

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