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In as much as I really didn’t feel like writing this, I just had to complete the mini series. Well after monday things changed. I began to miss music and crave for my rock songs. I held on strong and kept on with the no music for the week decision. I was strong emotionally and I did not feeling down in any way. My roommies were easy to deal with, so much more easier especially as I focused on living right each day. There was no crazy behaviour on my part and I didn’t join them in any of their idle conversations. In summary, Tuesday was a great day. I strengthened my self when I longed for music by playing a gospel album. I once update this sometime last year on facebook “take away music, you take away life” I think music is my second oxygen. I really can’t do without any form of music for too long, I began to feel like I was drying up inside. I was suffocating and losing it. I decided to amend the rule to no rock music for the week. Though I felt I broke the rule when I payed a few Beyonce tracks, so I stopped after about five songs and switched to gospel. Wednesday, hmm…that was a tough day. I didn’t go to work and I regretted it because I did something I wouldn’t have done if I had gone to work. That was my major flaw that week. Just like the previous days I really had free time to read of which I utilised reading. Best part was when I stumbled on two other writers on facebook. Boy! I was blown away by their write ups posted on facebook. I spent the remaining of that week reading all their facebook notes, learning new things about writing. When I got tired of reading from my phone I switched over to the book ‘why you act the way you do’ by Tim Lahaye. Really the book has been helpful, not only in making me understand myself and people in general, but it’s also showing me ways I could over come my weaknesses. Thursday at work was good. I really had an awesome time reading. It was refreshing reading other people’s works and discovering new angles in writing a story. Well, I got home after cds meeting. I slept and woke up late afternoon then read till late evening. I made the mistake of not occupying myself in the evening. I was idle and just lay there on the floor. I felt it would be harmless, so I played Beyonce’s latest album. But I was wrong. Songs like I care, I miss you, start over sort of got to me and well, I began missing x. It was so strong that I had to leave x a message on twitter. Turned out x deleted me for no serious reason. Anyway bottom line is I have my friend back or so I think. It was a great experience staying away from rock music and various crap I normally feed myself. I have learnt a lot in terms of knowing what to avoid when at certain times in my life when I have to take full control of my emotions. Also I have realised indeed it pays to live each day one day at a time. Friday, things improved. I felt at ease though wondering if I had made the right decision about contacting x. Well the day was great in the end. My roommates travelled to lagos so I enjoyed a peaceful day after work focusing on reading. Saturday, hmm…the very day I longed for. I finally played my rocks songs and it was so refreshening hearing them again. At times I think its okay to stay away from certain things for sometime. Miss it for a while. That way you’ll never abuse its value or take for granted its worth. I chatted with x later that day and filled x in on the new development. It was a mutual agreement there wouldn’t be all day chatting anymore. We both have to devote time to other aspects of our lives. Self evaluation and self development are very essential to our individual maturity and growth. So this new week I have decided to stay off blackberry messenger! Yes I can do it. Thankfully my BIS is going to expire today. I refuse to chat away my talent and productive time.

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