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My university classmates can attest to the fact that I am a complicated emotionally unstable person. If someone had told me I was going to be this messed up kid, I really would not have believed because I seemed pretty normal growing up until my jss3 when I started discovering I was a little bit different from others. Okay, saying a little would be a laughable understatement. Matters grew worse in ss1 when the whole mood swing issue began. I remember certain days I would just shut everyone out and my then naive friends; we were all naive teenagers then, didn’t know what was happening. Well I did go through senior secondary school in tact thankfully.

In my early university days, depression added to the list. All of a sudden the guy who used to be friends with almost everyone in secondary school became this quiet almost friendless guy. Things started changing. I started keeping to myself. It took me almost four years to get used to my classmates. Well I ended up the same person I was after getting it right and understanding that indeed I had three personalities which had been with throughout my secondary school days. Now I understand when one personality has taken over and I know how to manage their weakness and I also know their strengths. Combined they all form one hell of an intriguing amazing nice and sweet guy you would definitely love to meet, all you need is just understanding.

Iyosayi has always been the major person I knew. He is the normal everyday guy. Takes religion seriously, empathizes a lot with people around, has great compassion for people and loves his friends so much that he is willing to do anything in his power to make sure they are alright. He is the uptight of all my personalities. Iyosayi is the studious one, the one with the great cramming ability. I bet if there was an award category for cramming during the final year week he definitely would have won it. He is the paranoid guy and is always extra careful and puts people through a lot of personal tests before making them his close friend. He thinks a lot about things, great planner for the future, articulate when it comes to spending money. Not the type to squander money, a great saver. He loves to save money, a trait he learnt from primary school. Sticks strictly to a budget. He is very time cautious. His weaknesses are his mood swings and depression. A lot of friends have gone through a lot because of his mood swing ish. Really it got so bad that the whole class knew about it. We could just be gisting and laughing, next thing Iyosayi would become quiet and shut everyone out. It was such a terrible thing. It got to its peak in my final year, well big thanks to friends then who didn’t let me continue, they really sat on my matter and helped me overcome it. Now it’s so easy to come out of it and manage it well. Another weakness is his anger management problem. Iyosayi easily gets angry, pissed and disappointed in people he expects so much from especially those that are very close to him. Before serious outbursts was how he expressed his anger but a good way of managing it has been found by keeping the person quiet and allowing the anger to subside before talking the matter out if it’s still important. But this has been misinterpreted to be malice and seriously that’s just dumb. It took the university system to teach him a lot about tolerating people, so glad he has finally gotten that right. He is one hell of a shy guy also. He is the adult in me.

Princely is the writer, the creative guy. His personality came to the fore in 300level when I was editor in chief of the faculty’s fellowship. Then in secondary school days I used to write on pieces of paper, mostly about the way I felt. I never thought of it as a big deal or saw it as something serious. I really didn’t have anyone to talk to, so I’d just jot down a few things to express myself and then tear it up. I never suspected there was a writer in me. I always had this interest in reading novels and articles. Being editor in chief really wasn’t a big deal, wrote articles and pasted then on the notice bored on weekly basis. At first I felt it was nothing and just service, but it brought me popularity. Truth is I love attention but when the attention comes, I become shy and start hiding, trying my best to be invincible. People I didn’t talk to started greeting me on the way, some that were bold enough would come to say a few good things about my articles, the arrangement and stuff. Even those not in the faculty that usually read there at night started asking who is the Princely Omo guy, that is my pen name. The notice board became the most sort after notice board in the faculty. I am glad I was an impact in the lives of people. The fellowship mini magazine was released and then I knew I would love to develop my writing skills because of the positive response the magazine generated. Princely is the creative writer in me. A friend once told me I would be the kind of writer that would write only depressing ish because of my mood swings, and I laughed. Actually I am pretty good at writing depressing things, like they say, your mood influences what you produce because art is an extension of one’s self. When I am depressed I love to write so I end up penning down strong depressing crap. People feel I am suicidal because of some of my status updates but I tell them it’s all creative writing, which I truly hope it is for my own good.

My third personality is McSteamy. Simply put, he is the crazy one and perverted soul. I have always had him right from my secondary school days. I just suppressed him then; only those very close to me then knew him. Iyosayi used to be the main personality, so people generally saw me as a shy person but when I get used to you, you definitely would get to see McSteamy. McSteamy is that fun loving, carefree, open, free spirited and friendly person who could make you laugh all day. He is great fun to be with. He has ruled and conquered facebook with his inane and daring status updates. I remember a friend complained that because of McSteamy’s updates the system he was using closed his facebook page several times due to parental control. Another friend said she went to a café one beautiful morning and immediately she opened her facebook page, she had to quickly scroll down because of McSteamy’s very ‘steamy’ update. Another told me when his neighbour who was ignorant about the whole facebook ish read one of McSteamy’s update and reported him to his mum that he was doing porn in the café. One of my female friend said when her brother is with her in the café, she doesn’t dare open facebook because of McSteamy. I remember a friend once warned me seriously not to update again else he’ll just have to beat me up. So much damage done by McSteamy but then a lot of people did say he made facebook interesting for them. He would drive you crazy with weird and twisted ideas. He is a great guy. He has been described as a guy who can’t be ignored in a gathering. No matter how much he tries to be invincible he always gets noticed. He is the child in me.

All these three great guys make up me. So I hope you guys can understand me better now and know which personality you are dealing with when any of them takes over. Of course this piece is written by Princely. Once in a while any of them takes over.

Well, what do I know? I am but just a kid…..

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