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I can’t imagine living without music, it feels very impossible. Music is one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity. It comes in different genres, a host of variety to choose from depending on your choice. Music is a friend anyone can count on, anywhere and anytime it never fails or disappoints. It unites the whole world even breaking the barrier language tends to set between different ethnic groups. The sound of music is an out pouring of life, enriching and blessing the human mind, helping to keep it sane.
When friends are gone and I am all alone, music is what keeps my lonely soul company. At times when I am lost for words to express how I feel, all I can think of are lyrics of certain songs that I can totally relate to at such times. In times of despair and depression, certain songs come in handy to lift my weary soul or encourage me in times of fear. Even plain instrumentals can help provide a soothing environment when I want to commune with my inner man or enjoy the beauty of nature, providing me with great peace of mind.
Music moves me. I can get so high on music anytime, anywhere, any day. Anyone could host a party without food or drinks present, but what is a party without music?
Even in times of mourning and sorrow, music helps us with great comfort not even our best friend can provide. Life wouldn’t make sense without music. It’s a voice given to the oppressed to fight for freedom.
Music makes life beautiful. Take away music and you take away life. Music can get you through even the most stressful day or even help you through that boring work that seems unending.
At times I just want to forget the world, lose myself and go crazy with music being my ecstasy. Music speaks to our innermost emotions. Great love songs and inspirational songs have a way of melting our hearts with each pluck of guitar string tearing down thick walls of defense we’ve built around our hearts, causing a flow of amazing emotions or is it the way our legs move involuntarily to the beats of bass drums?
Music takes us to a whole new realm; a place so beautiful and warm, turning our sunshine into rain, you’d want to stay in for eternity. Just the right music for the right mood and you’ll be in a whole new level of existence which really can’t be described but is best experienced.
You can take away sight, hearing or even voice but one thing no one can take is the music of our heart.

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