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They keep saying ‘you are not the one going through the worst situation’. Who then is? I ask if that’s told to every single soul on earth. I want to know who is going through the worst situation, not like I really want to know.

I’m hurting and my situation is peculiar to me. So allow me to hurt and cry for a while because I have it at the back of my mind that soon it will be all over and I’ll definitely have to move on. Things would get better because time always heals. There’s a time to cry and this is the time.

So leave me and let me drown in my sorrow for a little while, that I may appreciate dearly, my joys of tomorrow, being grateful for every second of any bit of happiness I feel. For I could never know how blessed and how much of a gift it is to be happy no matter how short lived if I have never known pain or sorrow.

Allow me exercise my totality of human existence and feel every emotion God has placed in me. I need to explore each because then would I hit my balance in nature. Let me make my mistakes and learn from them. Let me fall and get back up.

All I ask of you is that you don’t let me fall so hard. I need you to encourage me to be a better person. Don’t force me into being someone I wouldn’t recognize. I am only but human and that’s my saving grace.

My moods would change; my desires and dreams would differ as I grow older. Different paths I may take through life’s journey but in all my goings, let me know there’s going to be that sure road I’ll take and I’ll meet you home always.

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